Hello, my name is Davide, and I’m a freelance organizational consultant.

I help you and your team to uncover better ways of working together: your colleagues will thank you for the improved collaboration and and your customers will be happier about the better products and services provided.

I start from what’s already there, and I don’t reinvent the wheel.

Digging before building

I come from years of consulting in big organizational transformation projects.

I’ve seen countless transformation efforts fail because of a lack of understanding of what the starting point of a given company was.

Both companies and consultants focus too much on solutions, frameworks, practices or models, and never enough in really understanding what the problem is and what’s already there that can be used as a valuable resource.

From the past to the future

The fact that I like starting by investigating how you worked up until now doesn’t have to fool you: we all want to build future-proof companies, especially after what happened during the pandemic.

So we put a foot in the past to jump into the future.

Self-coaching to continuously improve

I’ve witnessed enough companies becoming so dependent from this or that framework offered by this or that consulting firm, then when said consultants leave, companies stop improving, and in some cases they even get worse.

I trust in the ability of people to self-coach themselves, and become “resident organizational people” in your company.

Hire me

I’m available for hire. I work remotely from Italy. As a rule of thumb, it works best if my workday and yours have at least a 4-hours overlap.

You can book a free, one-one-on, 30-minutes consultation
to pick my brain about your situation.

Or, you can try before you buy: give me an hour with a group of up to 5 people and I’ll come back to you with a few tips, for free.

Or, if you’re not a chatty type —I hear you— you can write me as well.

Read me

I got back into writing recently. More to come.