I’m a freelance organizational consultant and coach: I help you to improve the way your company works on its digital projects and products in an increasingly remote and hybrid workplace.

The two main areas I can help you with right now are how to manage remote and hybrid work and how to facilitate meeting and workshop.

I’m based in Milan, Italy, and I can work remotely with anyone who can meet and collaborate within the CET (GMT+2) timezone boundaries.

Remote and hybrid work

I’ve worked for many years with remote and world-wide distributed teams, suppliers, contractors and clients. I’ve been a software developer and worked in the digital space for over 15 years, and collaborative, asynchronous and autonomous way of working are my second nature.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I helped all the companies I worked with to manage a way of working that most people were unfamiliar with. For many it has been a radical change that is far from being accepted, understood and integrated as a natural way of working.

Remote and hybrid work are destined to influence the way you will work for years to come. Your team, your clients, your contractors, your suppliers: no one is excluded from this wave of change. I help you to manage and adapt to remote and hybrid work so that you can transform in an opportunity what today seems like an obstacle.

So you think you could need some help with a better remote and hybrid work organization?

Meeting and workshop facilitation

Remote work has uncovered the inefficiency and inefficacy of our meetings. Everybody’s complaining about too many meetings. This is not a quantitative issue, it’s a qualitative one: we have too many meetings because we can’t get better meetings.

Better meetings = less meetings = more time for “real work” (P.S. I will change you mind and make you undestand that meetings are “real work” too).

If you want to transform your meetings from “uncontrolled chit-chat” to “valuable, informative, collaborative and decision-driven work sessions”, that’s how I’d do it.

If you want to transform your meetings from “uncontrolled chit-chat” to “valuable, informative, collaborative and decision-driven work sessions”…

How I work

I approach my work as a collaboration with you where I leverage four kinds of activities: consulting, training, coaching and mentoring, going through this path:

1. Observation and listening. We make a snapshot of your current situation about your remote or hybrid work practices or how you are handling your meetings and workshops.

2. Goal framing. We frame a starting point in terms of improvement goals. We can either be better at what we already good at or build new capabilities from scratch.

3. Into action. I support you with my experience as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach, working directly with your people, on their teams and projects.

4. Feedback. We’ll review frequently how work is going, how people feel and if goals are met, and adjust accordingly.

5. Sharing. I help your people to become agents of change and ambassadors of the new way of working.