I help you to improve the way your company works by learning from its mistakes and by experimenting new ways of working.

I’m an organizational consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach inspired by agile principles.


I help you turning your meetings and workshops into better meetings and workshops, improving the way everybody’s working.

Through facilitation I can improve the value, quality and productivity of the time your team spends together.


I’m an expert in agile practices and I can train your team on the basics of Agile, Scrum and Kanban — I can also design training courses for specific need.


Let’s put what we learned with my facilitation and training in practice! Having good meetings and knowing agile practices is only less then half of the story.

I work alongside you team on a real project in order to avoid common mistakes and to forster learning-by-doing.

How I work

I approach my work as a collaboration with you and your team, leveraging four kinds of activities, facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring, cycling through this path:

1. Observation and listening. We make a snapshot of your current situation about your remote or hybrid work practices or how you are handling your meetings and workshops.

2. Goal framing. We frame a starting point in terms of improvement goals. We can either be better at what we already good at or build new capabilities from scratch.

3. Into action. I support you with my experience as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach, working directly with your people, on their teams and projects.

4. Feedback. We’ll review frequently how work is going, how people feel and if goals are met, and adjust accordingly.

5. Sharing. I help your people to become agents of change and ambassadors of the new way of working.

A few more things…

I’m based in Milan, Italy, and I can work remotely with anyone who can meet and collaborate comfortably within the CET (GMT+2) timezone boundaries.