“Wanderer, there is no road,the road is made by walking”

Antonio Machado

My name is Davide, and I’m an organizational consultant.

I help companies improving the way they work through training, facilitating and coaching their teams and people.

Located in Milan, Italy, I can work remotely and asynchronously with anyone in the world.

Consulting is the “first contact”: we work together by reframing your problems, I observe how your teams work on your projects, products and services. I spot your strenghts and propose ways to improve.

If you need training about agile practices, whether they be Scrum or Kanban, I can teach your teams how to do them properly.

Through coaching and sometimes mentoring, I help your people to become change agents inside your organization.


agile monocle

My minimum viable newsletter about agile as a lens and not as a hammer.

Let’s have a chat

A 30 minutes chit-chat to know each other and understanding if and how I might help you.

Let’s get epistolary

Do you prefer writing? I totally get you. Drop me a line and let’s see if I can help you.


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